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Björn Svanström

Role: Co-founder Nørdlight Games

Graduated: 2011

I’m currently co-founder of a mobile games start-up called Nørdlight Games from the comfort of my home office here in Stockholm. (As I’m writing this I’m actually planning on moving back up to Skellefteå with my family soon and continuing working remotely). Our first game is a tower defence game we hopefully get to release early spring 2022.

Since I’m the only artist of three founders, I get to (have to) do pretty much everything related to art right now, but the goal is of course to call the art-shots, develop our style and manage our future artists.

After gscept I continued working for about a year at the company where I did my internship, "Fido Film”, now called "Goodbye Kansas”. I learned a lot and got to work on a bunch of movies and commercials there.

A friend of a friend that used to work at told me that they were looking for artists, so I applied and was offered a job. My goal at the time was to get to work on animated movies, but the job sounded like fun and I thought I would try it for about a year or so. This was just before Candy Crush was released and we were mainly doing small puzzle games on Facebook. Turns out it was really really fun so I ended up trying it out for about seven years. At King I started as a Game Artist, eventually became Senior Game Artist and was Art Lead/Art Director for a couple of games managing art and other artists.

The best career advice I can offer to any new artists is to try different things and focus on doing whatever you think is the most fun. Ten years ago I didn’t think I would end up making mobile games. But I did, because I love doing it.


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