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Erik Öhman

Role: VFX Artist at EA DICE

Graduated: 2012

My name is Erik Öhman, and I have worked at EA DICE in Stockholm since 2017.

I work as a Visual Effects Artist, or VFX Artist. You could describe me as a digital pyrotechnician! Examples of typical tasks range between creating everything from huge explosions, to the mud splattering up from a tank's caterpillar, to the fog that lies quietly upon a meadow at dawn. I make elements that, together, form the effects that help connect the world and ground objects within their surroundings.

I found out about gscept quite by chance, when my high school teacher in programming found out that I did level design as a hobby, and recommended the education. I applied for, and got into, the three-year computer graphics education, where I specialized in FX for film. The role that is called a VFX Artist in the game development world, is often called FX Artist in the film industry.)

It was tough to get a permanent job after graduation, but I managed to get some freelance jobs here and there. Some of the wonderful people I got to know during my studies recommended that I try my luck in the gaming industry instead, so I applied for a two-year polytechnic education for game graphics in Stockholm to re-saddle my skills against computer games. There I managed to make many new contacts, made new friends and future colleagues, and then get an internship and finally employment at DICE!

The road there was not without obstacles, but in the end it was definitely worth it!

The most important resource in the computer graphics work industry, whether it is film or games, is your contact network. Friends you get to know along the way through your studies can become friends for life, and can also become your eyes and ears in terms of corporate reputation, jobs and recommendations.

Having a good reputation is important. Those you know will - provided it is true! - describe you as a person who is easy and fun to work with. This can take you very far! Obviously, being competent in the area you want to work in is important, but companies can teach you if you lack any specific skills they need. However, changing your work ethic or attitude is something they cannot do.

So make sure to get to know your classmates and cherish them even after graduation. Try to be the person that people and companies want to work with, not only because of your skills, but also for your personality and positive attitude that contributes to a better work environment!


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