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Georgios Sideras

Role: Character Artist at Ubisoft

Graduated: 2016

My name is Georgios Sideras and I'm currently working as character artist at Ubisoft Stockholm. My role is to create highpoly and lowpoly textured models of characters and creatures, as well as assist concept art and other departments when necessary.

Originally interested in becoming a painter/illustrator, I studied traditional art until the age of 22 when I heard about gscept's computer graphics program from my twin brother, who was already a student there. I quickly fell in love with the modeling process and the sheer creativity of the industry. Once I finished my studies I got hired at Starbreeze as a junior character artist, where I worked for 2 years. After that, I moved on to Ubisoft Stockholm, where I've been since 2019 working as a character artist.

As for advice, I would recommend students to try and find a role that they feel is fun and interesting, and work on that role’s required skills in their free time, along with their portfolio. If you wish to work on so called AAA titles, your skills need to stand out from the rest of the applicants. Also, it's important to learn how to work in a group setting. Game production is a collective effort, and it is vital to learn how to collaborate and communicate with the people around you


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