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Johan Segelstad

Role: 3D Environment Artist at Pieces Interactive

Graduated: 2019

I'm a guy of 23 winters from Eskilstuna, who has the pleasure of working with 3D graphics. Today I work as a 3D Environment Artist at Pieces Interactive in Skövde. My job is to turn 3D environments into games. This means that I take ready-made 2D concepts, and based on them create 3D models that are ready to be imported into a game engine. So what I do during the day is everything from modeling and texturing, to a number of different steps of optimization.

I have always had an interest in creating images, but when I was younger I just thought it was nothing more than a hobby. So I invested in a high school education in technology and planned to start studying to be an engineer. Then I found out that you can work with graphics...

So after graduating high school, I began studying computer graphics at gscept. These were three very tough but fun years, which ended with a bachelor's degree. After graduation, I applied for all sorts of different types of graphic design jobs, while working on my portfolio. After years of own projects and side jobs, I got the job offer to start working where I am now.

My advice to you who think about studying this is to... go crazy! When I started studying, I had almost no knowledge at all of 3D graphics. But if you have the passion and sheer will to work hard - very hard - you'll learn, very quickly. So the best tips I have are to: go crazy, listen, dare to ask questions, and prioritize your studies. (And don't forget to sleep.) Also, be patient when it comes to finding a job. For me, it took a year to get a job. For some it goes faster and for others it takes longer. Patience is key.


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