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John Thorstensson

Role: Production Manager, Important Looking Pirates

Graduated: 1996

As a Production Manager, I have a responsibility to manage the project together with a VFX Supervisor. To make sure the team hit milestones and deadlines.

I have been working with almost every part of post-production for film and Tv, as an artist and manager. For VFX and post-production studios in Sweden, and also a short session abroad.

I would advise students to use all the time they have in Skellefteå, trying to learn as much as possible. Spend your free time creating and develop a personal project. That is also a great way to make you stand out from other students in your class when you present your student reel to the companies in the VFX and game industry. You will probably not have so much time to focus on specific things without any real deadline to meet later in life when you are busy trying to make a career at a company in VFX or games.

Try to stay in touch with your fellow students after graduation. They will be the best start of your future business network.


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