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Ludwig Ek

Role: 3D Artist at Important Looking Pirates

Graduated: 2019

My name is Ludwig Ek and I am part of the Build team at Important Looking Pirates. Being part of build means that you have a fairly broad role and you can do everything from rigging to modeling, texturing and look development.

Before I started as a 3D artist, I traveled around. I lived abroad, snowboarded and enjoyed life and I drew all the time. Like many others I had the idea to become a concept artist, but once I started my education in Skellefteå it changed very quickly when I realized that there were so many fun specializations to choose from!

There are a few things to keep in mind if you want to become a 3D artist and I thought I would share a few tips:

First you have to realize that it will be tough, and that it is very time consuming. In the beginning, it therefore helps if you see 3D more as a hobby than studies and jobs. I personally still see my artistry as a hobby after work, when I can I spend time on personal projects! You must also have an interest in constantly learning new things, the industry is constantly changing and what you learn one day will be old the next.

Then I think it is extremely important that you help each other. Don't keep secrets or hide away your exciting solutions - helping and sharing, both in the school classrooms but also in online forums, for will only benefit you in the end.

The last tip I want to give is not to focus on learning what is most sought after in the industry. I believe more in learning about what you think is fun - because then you will naturally become good at it!


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