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Mauricio Redondo

Role: Senior 3d Artist at Arrowhead Game Studios

Graduated: 2011


My name is Mauricio Redondo and I'm a Senior 3d Artist. At the time of writing I am currently employed at Arrowhead Game Studios where I have been for the past 6 years.

Some of the more recent and diverse tasks I've been responsible for has been to create basic destructible 3d game assets, ranging from smaller props to more advanced large scale hero assets, environment art, setting up dynamic solar systems, lighting and creating unique skies and atmospheres. Additionally, I've also been working with coders to help improve art/tech pipelines, tools and workflows as well as closely working together with other disciplines on different features for our unannounced AAA title.

Growing up I always loved playing video games with friends and during elementary school I started modding various games just for the fun of it, which led me into thinking that this really was what I wanted to do for a living because of how much joy I found in it. So I began by studying at Mediagymnasiet for 3 years, specializing in 3D art, making games with a few friends during our spare time and competing in the annual Swedish Game Awards competition every year. I then continued my studies at gscept LTU where I spent another 3 years studying and improving my craft, widening my skill set and gaining a broader understanding of the technical aspects of working with 3D.

The best advice I can give to you when it comes to art is to really apply yourself to your studies and artistic improvement. Don't think of it as just trying to improve your technical skills, but also your mental skill at seeing, understanding and evaluating art.


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