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Oskar Holmkratz

Role: Game creator at Embark Studios

Graduated: 2005

My name is Oskar and I am a game creator at Embark Studios. Earlier, I was for a long time (about 12 years) at Avalanche Studios, where my final role was Technical Animation Director at Rage 2. At Avalanche I also worked with Mad Max, Just Cause 2 and theHunter, as well as a couple of other projects that never got past pre-production.

As a game creator at Embark, I do a little of everything. Here I get the opportunity to focus on creating value, without having to put a limiting label on what I do. Programming, animation, game design, shaders, UI/UX. I love jumping in wherever needed. With my broad foundation, I can see opportunities and more easily identify things that have a big "bang for the buck". This broad foundation was something gscept in Skellefteå helped to cultivate, when I attended the programme 2002-2005.

Before I studied in Skellefteå, I did computer graphics in the so-called Demo and Ansi scenes, which perhaps gave me a slight edge. However, it was the opportunity to focus 100% on developing with good supervision and in an environment with other hungry students, which gave me the conditions to succeed.

When you decide to study for something, you must realize that you are the one responsible for your own success - not your teachers. Learning something doesn't just hinge on the prerequisites (such as a good environment and guidance) - it largely comes down to commitment and will. And time (it takes a lot of time to become good!).

To be able to spend time, passion is needed. And to find it, you should have a feeling - it does not have to be exact - about why you want to do what you do. Once you have found your source of passion, you can more easily understand how things you do relate to it. Personally, I love being a part of creating worlds, and that drives me forward.

You will not make a masterpiece the first day; everything is steps along the way. Make sure that each step is a manageable size and you will constantly be moving in the right direction.


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