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Sebastian Salvo

Role: 3D Artist at EA DICE

Graduated: 2015


My name is Sebastian Salvo. I am a 3D Artist currently working at EA DICE in Stockholm. I am part of the hardware team which focuses on delivering 3D art for gadgets, weapons and vehicles. My day to day consists mostly of syncing with other disciplines on the direction of specific assets, creating briefs for outsourcing partners, modeling, texturing and implementing art into our game engine.

After high school I worked at a factory for about two years before figuring out what I wanted to do. I came across the work of Alex Alvarez online and was immediately hooked on 3D art. After some research I found gscept in Skellefteå. What caught my interest was that the program could teach you both the game pipeline and the VFX pipeline. Also, I wanted to have a change of environment. Moving from my hometown, Malmö, to northern Sweden sounded like a fun experience.

After graduating from gscept in 2015, I applied for a job as a 3D artist at DICE and found myself moving to Stockholm the same summer. I’ve been at DICE ever since. I started as a general prop artist and after gaining some experience I realized that I liked working with weapons the most, so I specialized towards that.

If I could give any advice to new students starting gscept it would be to take the opportunity to create a group of friends that inspire and push each other to learn and create. Also, start thinking early about what area you find interesting, and begin specializing as soon as you can.


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