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Tomas Andersson

Role: 3D Artist at Massive Entertainment

Graduated: 2011

My name is Tomas Andersson and I'm a 3D artist working as a game developer since 2011. I'm currently with Ubisoft at Massive Entertainment down here in sunny Malmö. I've worked on titles such as Assassin's Creed and The Division 1 and 2 where my main tasks have been a diverse spectrum of everything from a traffic cone to huge industrial vehicles. I primarily enjoy working with hard-surface modelling (vehicles and non-organic).

Before pursuing games as a profession I spent many years working blue-collar jobs, but always held a keen interest in art and games and was active on several online art forums. One day this all came to a head when a friend told me he'd applied to go to school to learn how to make games. I thought "Why am I not pursuing my dream?". That same year I quit my job, applied and got accepted to gscept. That started me on the same journey that perhaps you’re also about to embark on. I learned that it was more than I thought it’d be, complex and challenging but also thrilling and rewarding.

If you undertake this venture I want to give one important piece of advice: your growth will be what you make of it and you are responsible for it. School gives you an opportunity to learn, but it is up to you to grab a hold of that opportunity and apply your own curiosity. Work and study well, the games industry is very competitive. But don't be intimidated. Every game developer has been in the same shoes, don't be afraid to reach out to teachers, fellow students or game devs. We're in this together!


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